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Arvo and Evenings

Small Plates

mixed olives   orange zest, xv olive oil, thyme     10

chorizo munchies   pan tossed chorizo sausage, fried bread, parsley     12

patatas bravas   paprika potato chunks, tomato & red pepper sauce, aioli, parsley     15

baba ganoush   smoky eggplant, xv olive oil, sumak, mint, hot zeki’s turkish pidé bread     17    AUCKLAND ICONIC EATS

hummus   with tahini sauce, tomato salsa, xv olive oil,  grilled garlic pidé bread     17

atom fries   ( HOT ) fried potatoes and chillies, garlic labneh aioli, harissa, fresh mint   16       

cauli fritters   dipped in egg, fried til golden, tomato onion salsa, labneh aioli, toasted almonds     19

kara-ali salata   crisp white radish, carrot, xv olive oil, organic cider vinegar, turkish black olives, parsley  16

carmen slaw   with carrot, fennel, pickled red onion, pomegranate, lime,  tahini, crispy corn kernels     17

barcelona bombas   crunchy potato bombs, spiced mixed meat & cheese filling, paprika aioli, horseradish     22

alhambra carrots   orange roasted carrots, aniseed, pomegranate, labneh aioli, pistachio, fresh coriander   21

calamares   crispy fried squid, aioli, lemon     22

granada pork   fried pork belly squares, roast carrot purée, pomegranate molasses     25    ADD SLAW    9

gaza quesadillas   cheesy flatbread, with grilled eggplant, oven-dried tomato, jalapeños, pickles, cheese, mayo   23

jerusalem quesadillas   gaza quesadillas, topped with pulled lamb    26                                        


coca     spanish pizza – red pepper, chorizo, garlic, mushrooms, tomato, cheese, herbs, paprika aioli   29    

algarve pizza   north african spiced chicken, tomato, olives, cheese, red onion, lemon, parsley, aioli    29   

the people’s pizza   potato, mushroom, caramelised onion, cheese, paprika, rocket, horseradish cream    27  

lahmajun   istanbul street pizza – ground beef, onion, fresh tomato, rocket, lemon    29

hummus for syria   pulled lamb, hummus, tahini, tomato mint salsa, toasted almonds, crisp flatbread     29

spaghetti & meatballs   crushed tomato sauce, parmesan chees and loads of fresh homegrown basil     27

albondigas      sherry flamed spanish meatballs, fried potatoes, brava sauce, red pepper, peas, aioli   34

black sea mussels    green pea risotto, saffron, black pepper, dill, parsley, lemon   32

mercado fish   panfried market fillet; prawn & courgette risotto, verdejo wine, burnt butter, lemon    36

berber lamb   north african slow cooked lamb on the bone, carrot, prunes, garlic mash, harissa oil, coriander   37

shish chick   chargrilled chicken skewer ​   CHOOSE hummus, tomato mint salsa, tzatziki, chilli harissa, flatbread    34

                                                                               OR  slaw, aioli and chips     34

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