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NGA = No Gluten Added

mixed olives   orange zest, xv olive oil, thyme     10

NGA dawg chips   potato fries, hot dawg style sauces – ketchup, aioli, american mustard     11

patatas bravas   paprika potato chunks, tomato & red pepper sauce, aioli, parsley     15

NGA baba ganoush   smoky eggplant, tahini sauce, mint, sumak, GF bread     17

NGA chorba   red lentil & onion soup, paprika oil drizzle, squeeze of lemon, parsley, GF bread     18

cauli fritters   dipped in egg, fried til golden, tomato onion salsa, toasted almonds, labneh aioli     19

dolma   stuffed pepper – rice, onion, currants, pinenuts, mint, tzatziki     19

carmen slaw   with carrot, fennel, parsley, pickled red onion, pomegranate, lime, tahini, crispy corn    17

granada pork   fried pork belly squares, roast carrot purée, pomegranate molasses     23

NGA hummus for syria   pulled lamb, hummus, tahini, tomato mint salsa, toasted almonds, GF bread     29

cataplana   portuguese steamed mussels, pork, chorizo, albariño wine, garlic, tomato, fresh coriander     32

NGA shish chick   chargrilled chicken skewer, hummus, tzatziki, chilli harissa, slaw, GF bread   34

mercado fish   panfried market fillet; prawn & courgette risotto, verdejo wine, burnt butter, lemon    36

kuzu lamb   slow cooked on the bone; potato, turkish green beans cooked in olive oil with onion & tomato    36  

No gluten added.   Please inform us if your allergy is serious (all food is prepared in one kitchen)

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