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Carmen Jones, the story

Inspired by a couple of vintage album covers - the opera ‘Carmen’ set in southern Spain, and the 1940’s adaptation “Carmen Jones’ - an Afro-American take on the story, the name represents the bringing together of cultures, celebrating off-beat diversity and intriguing juxtapositions... 


Welcome to Carmen Jones - come, step inside. 

Break out of the routine and into some atmosphere. Uncover layers of first-hand inspiration, an exploration of eclectic tastes, authentic origins and creative expression… the sights and smells of Spain and the Middle East have found their way onto Carmen’s menu of Tapas and Shareables.

You can just do You, and we'll take care of the rest. Whether you're flying solo, seeking that elusive date night, crafted cocktails with your rainbow besties, or a set menu Dinner Fiesta for 20, we’ve got you covered. ‘Our House is Your House’ and there’s plenty of room to swing a cat.

You’re on K Road, Karangahape Road… It’s fringe, creative, inclusive, democratic - it’s a rough diamond, a bit ‘unperfect’. Carmen fits right in, and so will you.

Capture life’s everyday moments, this is your other living room.

See you on K’ Road.

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